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About She Bakes Me Cakes

Welcome to She Bakes Me Cakes. As far back as I can remember as a little girl I have always loved baking cakes. I believe my inspiration came from my mother who till today makes freshly baked cookies during special occasions. Who wouldn't love the smell of freshly home baked cakes, cupcakes and cookies?

My passion about learning about new trends, techniques, experimenting and making my customers dreams into reality is what drives She Bakes Me Cakes.

In December 2011, She Bakes Me Cakes officially became a registered company and till today we continue to grow and keep on making our customers happy with our services. If you are not familiar with She Bakes Me Cakes, I hope you will browse our new website and get a sense of what we do and why we feel we are so special and unique.

1st Birthday John Deere Tractor Cake

This cake turned out better than I had envisioned it! My son absolutely loved it and it served to the tastes of both the adults and the kids as well!! I never knew that marble and cookies and cream filling would go together so perfectly!! Thank you so much!!!

- Sabrina Gill

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